Anonymous AV "Oath taking" half stater obverse
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AV half-stater 3.4231 gm, 14.8 mm
ca 216 BC
1. Thomsen, Rudi. 1974. Early Roman Coinage. Volume I. Page 94 #162. Copenhagen: H. P. Hansens Bogtrykkeri A/S.
2. Crawford, Michael H. 1974. Roman Republican Coinage. Page 154 #28/2 and Plate II #28/2. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.<
Laureate, Janiform head of Dioscuri, border of dots.
Oath-taking scene: two warriors face one another, one beardless, armored; one bearded, unarmored. Each with spear in left hand. Armored warrior holds sagum. Each with sword in right hand touching pig held by kneeling figure between.