Abdera tetradrachm obverse
AR tetradrachm 14.4293 g, 26.5 mm
473-448 BC
May, J.M.F. 1966. The Coinage of Abdera. Page 123 #128 and Plate VIII #128. London: Royal Numismatic Society.
Griffin standing, facing left; right foreleg raised; beak open; tongue projected; a knob over the nostril from which a row of bristles continues down the back of the neck; the ears pricked; a ruff beneath the jaw, with spiral curls falling to the base of the neck; fan-shaped wing spreading in a series of broad feathers above a row of short pinions; the tail heavily tufted, raised and curled behind. A dung beetle on the lower left is pulling a dung ball behind it by its hind legs. Border of dots.
Shallow incuse around a quardipartite linear square.