Carthago Nova shekel obverse
Hasdrubal according to reference 1
AR shekel 7.0863 g, 20.5 mm
c 228 BC
1. Robinson, E.S.G. 1956. Punic Coins of Spain and their Bearing on the Roman Republican Series. In Essays in Roman Coinage Presented to Harold Mattingly, edited by Carson, R.A.G. and C.H.V. Sutherland. Page 49 #4(c) and Plate II #4(c). Oxford: Oxford University Press.
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Head of Hasdrubal facing left, beardless, diademed, looking upward, tightly curling hair.
Prow of war galley facing right with triple ram and wreathed forepost ending in birds head with pennant. Pile of shields on deck, dolphin swimming right beneath boat.