Syracuse tetradrachm Tudeer 68 obverse
AR tetradrachm 17.1731 g, 25.2 mm
405-400 BC
1. 1913. Tudeer, Lauri O. Th. Die Tetradrachmenprägung von Syrakus in der Periode der signierenden Künstler Page 49 #68 A, Plate IV O25, and Plate III R42 (var). Berlin: W. Pormetter.
2. Robinson, E.S.G. and M. Castro Hipólito. 1971. A Catalogue of The Calouste Gulbenkian Collection of Greek Coins. Page 98 #287 (these dies) and Plate XXX #287. Lisboa: Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian.
Charioteer driving fast quadriga left, holding reins in both hands, Nike flying above, crowning charioteer. Broken rein flying loose on left, crushed chariot wheel under horses hooves above and on double exergual lines. Barley grain and loose rein in exergue. This die is the only known depiction of a chariot wreck in ancient Greek coinage.
Head of Arethusa facing right, four dolphins swimming around, signed Κ, perhaps Kimon.