Siris-Pyxus nomos obverse
Siris and Pyxus
AR nomos 7.8443 g, 29.5 mm
Circa 530 BC
1. 1942. Sylloge Nummorum Graecorum. The Royal Collection of Coins and Medals Danish National Museum. Italy Part III. Lucania: Poseidonia-Bruttium. #1387 (this obverse die). Copenhagen: Munksgaard.
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Bull standing left with reverted head, MO retrograde above, largely obliterated but for part of the M. Dotted ground, MIPIN retrograde in exergue = ΣΙΡΙΝΟΣ = SIRINOS
Incuse, similar to the obverse, but a mirror image and more crudely cut. ΠΥΧ retrograde = PYX