Poseidonia nomos obverse
AR nomos 6.23 g, 29.0 mm
Circa 530-500 BC
1. Rutter, N.K. 2001. Historia Numorum Italy. Page 108 #1107 and Plate 22 #1107. London: The British Museum Press.
2. Kraay-Hirmer plate 77 #218 (variant)
3. SNG ANS 613
Poseidon bearded, walking right, chlamys draped over upper arms, brandishing an ornamented trident in left hand, right arm extended.
ΠΟΜ retrograde = ΠΟΣ = POS
Incuse, similar to the obverse, but a mirror image and plain trident in right arm, chlamys draped higher and over back.
ΠΟΜ retrograde