Messana tetradrachm obverse
AR tetradrachm 17.3270 g, 25.0 mm
425-421 BC
1. Jameson, R. 1913. Collection R. Jameson. Tome I. Monnaies grecques antiques. Page 139 #649 and Plate XXXII #649 (same obverse die). Paris: Chez Feuardent Frères.
2. SNG ANS 357 (same obverse die)
3. Caltabiano 494 (D201/R202)
4. SNG Lloyd 1094 (same dies)
5. SNG Tübingen 608 (same dies); Jameson 649 (same obverse die)
Charioteer driving biga of mules right; above Nike flying right to crown the mules. Leaf in exergue.
Hare springing right, dolphin swimming right below