Syracuse Kimon dekadrachm obverse
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AR dekadrachm 42.8176 g, 37.0 mm
405-400 BC
1. Babelon, Jean. 1924. Catalogue de la collection de Luynes. Monnaies Greques. I. Italie et Sicile #1241 (this obverse die) and Plate XLVII #1241. Paris: Bibliothéque Nationale.
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A fast quadriga being driven left by a charioteer leaning forward with a kentron in his right hand, and holding the reins in his left. Above, Nike is flying to the right to crown the charioteer. In the exergue there is a display of armor: crested helmet, cuirass, shield, spear, and greaves.
Below armor: ΑΘΛΑ
Head of Arethusa, facing left, wearing pendant and beaded necklace, her hair is bound in front by an ampyx, in the back is held by a net. Four dolphins swim around Arethusa's head, one of them in contact with her neck.
Above and to the right: ΣΥΡ - ΑΚΟΣΙΩΝ