Katane tetradrachm signed by Euainetos obverse
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AR tetradrachm 17.0581 g, 29.5 mm
412-403 BC
1. AMB 334
2. Gulbenkian 188-189
3. Kraay/Hirmer 42
5. Rizzo, Gulio Emanuele. 1946. Monete Greche Della Sicilia Plate XIV #6. Roma: La Libreria Dello Stato.
Youthful charioteer, holding a goad in his right hand and the reins with both, bent forward driving a racing quadriga to the left, just passing the turning post that can be seen behind him, above, Nike flying to the right, holding a wreath in her right hand, and a tablet inscribed ΕΥΑΙΝ in her left. Below the horses, a pellet, in the exergue, a crab swimming upwards.
Laureate head of Apollo facing left, behind, a crayfish swimming upwards, before Apollo a knotted rope with a hook at the top and bell on the bottom.