Arsinoe II octadrachm obverse
Ptolemy IV, ruled 221-205 BC, portrait of Arsinoe III as Arsinoe II
AV octadrachm 27.8300 g, 28.2 mm
Alexandria 221-204 BC
1. Svoronos, J. N. 1904. Ta Nomismata tou Kratous ton Ptolemaion, Meros Deuteron. Page 179 #1120 and Plate XXXVI #12. Athens: P. D. Sakellariou
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Head Arsinoe III as Arsinoe II right in diadem, stephane with zigzag pattern, ram's horn of Ammon below ear, veil, lotus tipped sceptre behind head. Border of dots.
Double cornucopiae filled with fruits, on both sides hang grapes and fillets with fringes. Round incuse.