Elis hera stater
Elis, Olympia
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AR stater 12.1276 g, 23.2 mm
111th Olympiad 336 BC
Seltman, C.T. 1914. The Temple Coins of Olympia. Third Part. In Nomisma. Untersuchungen auf dem Gebiete der antiken Münzkunde. XI. von Fritze, Hans and Hugo Gaebler. Page 34 #434 (FG ιχ) and Tafel III (Seltman Plate XI). Berlin: Mayer and Müller.
Head of Hera facing right, her hair waved, one lock on her cheek. She is wearing a stephanos with a narrow band ϜΑΛΕΙΩΝ thereon, triple pendant earrings with a rosette, and a necklace. Ϝ to the left and Α to the right of the goddess's neck
An eagle with open wings is standing on a stag's head. His breast is facing partially left, his head facing right, and he is wreathed around with wild olive branches which are tied below.