Athens tetradrachm Starr VA
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AR tetradrachm 17.1070 gm, 26.6w x 23.3h mm
c 465-462 BC
1. Kraay, Colin M. and Max Hirmer. 1966. Greek Coins. Plate 119 #361 and Page 326 #361. New York: Thames and Hudson.
2. Starr, Chester D. 1970. Athenian Coinage 480-449 B.C. Page 58, group VA #172 and Plate XVII #172. Oxford: Calarendon Press.
Head of Athena facing right with frontal eye and a smooth loop of hair over her forehead, wearing a crested Attic helmet ornamented with three olive leaves above the visor. There is a spiral palmette on her helmet bowl, and she is wearing a round earring with a central boss.
Owl with three tail feathers standing 4/3 to the right, olive sprig and crescent moon behind, all in an incuse square.