Tenedos tetradrachm obverse
AR tetradrachm 16.7569 g, 29.8 mm
80-70 BC
1. 1924. VII Collection Clarence S. Bement de Philadelphie (U.S.A.): Monnaies Grecques Antiques. Page 30, #1408 and Plate 49 #1408 (this coin). Geneva: Naville & Cie.
2. de Callataÿ, François. 1998. Les monnaies hellénistiques en argent de Ténédos. In Studies in Greek Numismatics in memory of Martin Jessop Price, edited by Ashton R. and S. Hurter. Page 102 #15 (D8/R2) and Plate 25 #15 (this coin). London: Spink.
Janiform heads, laureate and bearded Zeus left, diademed Hera right.
Double axe, to left monogram and bunch of grapes, to right open hand. Laurel wreath border.
Map of Ancient Troas, Aeolis, Lesbos, and Mysia