Lycia (series II) boar and tortise stater obverse
Lycia Series II
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AR stater 9.2966 g, 17.5w x 20.2h mm
Uncertain mint 500-460 BC
1. Hill, George Francis. 1897. Catalogue of the Greek Coins of Lycia, Pamphylia, and Pisidia. Page 4 #17-21 and Plate I #14-17. London: The Trustees of the British Museum.
2. Babelon, Ernest. 1910. Traité Des Monnaies Greques Et Romaines. Deuxième Partie. Tome Deuxième. Columns 183-186 #137-141 and Plate XCII #2-6. Paris: Ernest Leroux.
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4. Vismara, Novella. 1989. Monetazione arcaica della Lycia. II. La collezione Winsemann Falghera. Page 91 #48 and Plate VI #48. Milano: Edizioni ennerre.
Boar walking right, head lowered, on dotted exergual line.
Tortise in dotted incuse square.
Map of Ancient Lycia, Pamphylia, and Pisidia